The online version is only a demo

Use arrow keys to navigate Leo and to duck, space jumps and ctrl performs a cartwheel attack.

Full android version

Adventures of Leo is a platform game where you use the Left and Right on screen arrows
to navigate Leo the cat, with the down arrow Leo ducks, the Tappng anywhere on the screen Leo performs an jump and the "S" on screen button is used for a cartwheel attack.

Special Moves:

If you press jump while Leo is ducking he will perform a handstand that will block some falling objects, if he then jump again in within 2 seconds Leo will jump much higher jump.

Enemies and Items:

You can kill the enemies by either
jumping on them or by using the cartwheel attack, but be careful some
enemies are immune to the jump or the cartwheel attack and some can not
be destroyed at all and you have to avoid them.

Leo can collect milk bottles, every 100 milk bottles he gains a new life, a blue balloon with Leo's face on it will also give Leo a new Life.

By touching a big red circle that flashes between Leo's face and the later S temporary saves the progress of a level.

The Game automatically saves every time 4 levels are completed.


In a distant world there lived a race of humanoid cats
called Cattis. They lived peacefully under the leadership
of Leo a strong and wise Cattis. Until one day the mutant
rodents attacked. They kidnapped many Cattis and stole
their food and milk supplies. Now it is up to Leo to rescue
them and take back their food.

Install instructions

The online version is only a demo

Full version:

Run the android apk file on your android device to run. Make sure you have Unknown sources enabled at the device settings.


leocat.crosswalk.arm.201512204834.apk (46 MB)

Also available on